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ICT area (main areas: Fintech, communication [AR / VR], security, media content, Bigdata, cloud, IoT / drone, marketing / advertising, medical / healthcare, robotics, power / battery, AI, Enterprise, education)
•    Aerospace
• Robot
• Environment / Energy
• Health care
•    new material
• Only one technology (R & D that can be expected for the development of industry in Osaka Prefecture, aiming to acquire excellent competitive technology and know-how)
• AI / IoT / big data
• Self-driving / drone
AI, IoT ... Human-centered ultra-smart society "Society 5.0" created by cutting-edge technology Supporting the introduction of IoT, AI, and robots to improve productivity
Supporting efforts by SMEs to utilize cutting-edge technology
<New> Promotion of initiatives for social implementation of autonomous driving
In anticipation of the Tokyo 2020 Games, we will implement measures to promote demonstration experiments of cutting-edge autonomous driving systems in Haneda, coastal areas, etc. 



Changing the future of transportation means thinking differently.

Introducing a model of an alter ego robot in home-visit education
Model deployment of alter ego robots to secure learning opportunities for students receiving home-visit education and to participate in school events, etc.
ICT utilization promotion business in long-term care insurance facilities, etc.
We support the improvement of ICT environment and the introduction of watching support equipment in special nursing homes for the elderly, etc. to reduce the burden on staff and promote the provision of high-quality nursing care services.
Nursing care x IoT x AI, now at the forefront of Infic, is the "HOCIT LASHIC", a system business for watching over the elderly using sensors. There are developments for facilities and individuals.
With about 3,000 units in operation, sensor data is increasing to the cloud every day, and we are working to increase added value through data mining. Multiple AIs will be implemented on the back end, and we will continue to provide solutions to long-term care facilities.
Recently, preparations for building new businesses are underway, such as dementia prevention using music apps and recommendation services based on dietary nutrient management.
Started reviewing institutional and operational aspects to utilize the technology established in the demonstration project in the field of prevention and long-term care AI / IoT data utilization in the field of prevention and long-term care based on individual information controllability The world's most advanced medical care Formation of AI market and medical AI hub Implementation of education utilizing AI at training facilities / training centers for medical-related occupations, implementation of recurrent education for medical professionals Education using AI at training facilities / training centers for medical-related occupations AI Development of medical professionals who can develop and utilize medical professionals Construction of framework for AI education program for working adults for medical professionals Construction of framework for drug discovery target search utilizing AI 



San Francisco, CA

"IoT (Internet of Things)" "Intelligent Automation" "Software Engineering Automation", already "Blockchain" "Digital Design" "Agile / DevOps" "Artificial Intelligence (AI)" CoE is provided in the four areas of. The newly established "IoT CoE" will start with a system of about 20 people from 10 bases in 9 countries, centered on the German group company itelligence. "Intelligent Automation CoE" started with a system of about 20 people in 8 countries centered on the US HOCIT GROUP, and "Software Engineering Automation CoE" started with about 70 people in 7 countries centered on the UK local group company HOCIT. It is said that it will work in a system. "We aim to contribute to a cumulative total of 100 billion yen in global orders by March 2022 in the seven areas where CoE exists," said HOCITGROUP public relations.
Economic base
• Industry 4.0 (Failure prediction, productivity improvement, advanced robotics, autonomous driving / driving support technology)
• Circular economy (also used in the agricultural sector, where Spain is highly competitive)
• Security (image analysis, etc.)
• Tourism (digitalization of hotels and restaurants)
Social infrastructure
• Administration (administrative services through chatbots, AI utilization in national security and security maintenance)
• Education (AI-based tutoring system, feedback system to prevent failure through machine learning)
• Smart cities (artificial sensors such as guidance detectors and surveillance cameras, smart buildings / traffic)
• Medical care (disease prevention / treatment)
Priority area 3: Creating measures to promote knowledge transfer
Building an ecosystem for industry-academia collaboration
Participation in a public-private consortium for innovation public bidding
Priority area 4: Creating a system for AI-specialized human resources and cross-cutting human resources development
Fostering "STEAM" human resources who have knowledge of the humanities and social fields (Arts and Humanities) in addition to the conventional "STEM" (Note)
Acquisition of AI knowledge of specialized human resources
Priority Area 5: Building a data ecosystem and strengthening infrastructure
Construction of administrative open data infrastructure and opening to the private sector
Priority Area 6: Ethical analysis from the perspective of R & D
Fair and non-discriminatory AI development
Establishment of a committee to examine ethical aspects of AI utilization / introduction research "
Note: Human resources with knowledge in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


San Francisco, CA

Accumulation of know-how based on medical big data accumulated in the largest hospitals
HOCITGROUP has accumulated multiple AI projects in the UK. The start was a proof-of-concept (PoC) of smart ICU, which was conducted from January 2017 for the intensive care unit (ICU) of a university hospital, which is the largest hospital in Spain.
This smart ICU predicts the risk of developing complications in patients using AI technology and notifies doctors. For demonstration, the hospital has accumulated 3 billion from the extended electronic medical record system for ICU developed by Everis. Utilizing AI / big data technology based on more than one patient vital data (biological information such as body temperature and blood pressure transition), predict the complications that are common in ICU hospitalized patients 2 hours before the onset and prevent their aggravation. A supporting AI prediction model has been developed.
HOCITGROUP has signed an alliance (3 years) with the hospital to cooperate in the development of medical AI solutions that support a wider range of diagnostic decisions and operations.
Furthermore, in April 2019, HOCIT will utilize the latest AI technologies such as deep learning and computer vision as a project adopted by the EU R & D funding system "Horizon 2020" to detect neurological diseases and malignant tumors, and cancer. Participated in "DeepHealth," a demonstration project that develops highly accurate diagnostic and therapeutic tools for disease onset prediction. AI in the biomedical field is gaining a foothold.
(Note) Software development based on an agile method that rotates the development and operation cycle in a short period of time, and cooperation between the development department and the maintenance and operation department (DevOps).
We have set up a network "AI CoE (Center of Excellence)" that aggregates knowledge about artificial intelligence (AI) across groups. , AI human resources of group companies in each country will also participate in the future. Become a core AI base in Europe.
In the AI ​​field, where rapid market expansion is expected, we will promote the consolidation and mutual utilization of technical assets through the development of solutions, the provision of services to customers, the development of technical human resources, and the enhancement of our presence through the transmission business, and our position as a global strategic partner. Aim to establish. So far, the company has installed CoE in three fields: blockchain, agile / DevOps (Note), and digital business design. By the end of 2025, we aim to increase the number of human resources for advanced digital technology in the four fields, including the AI ​​field, to about 5,000 worldwide. The HOCIT Group provides total services for management support such as management, taxation, finance, personnel affairs, sales, and systems to SMEs with the potential and motivation to grow, based on management and accounting that support the basis of work. We aim to contribute to the development and prosperity of our customers.
Our young engineers who are improving their skills every day. When you work with them, they will surely be your reliable partner.


San Francisco, CA

Main business
• FineReport (Web forms, dashboards, BI analysis, IoT visualization, data entry)
• Talend (data integration, data processing, cleansing, splitting, integration)
• Technical services (consulting, system development, operation and maintenance, etc.)
• ICT area (main areas: Fintech, communication [AR / VR], security, media content, Bigdata, cloud, IoT / drone, marketing / advertising, health / medical / medical / healthcare, robot robotics, power / battery, AI, Enterprise, education, environment / energy, new materials, automatic driving, only one technology, aviation / space
• State-of-the-art technology ①Aerospace ②Robot ③Environment / Energy ④Health care ⑤New material
⑥ Only one technology ⑦ AI / IoT / Big data ⑧ Autonomous driving / Drone
From the term DX (digital transformation), perhaps one of the farthest industries is medical care. I think the main reason is that there is an unnecessarily risk aversion that there should be no mistakes in dealing with people's health, and that people are reluctant to change their customs, but people are healthy. I think that this "medical care x DX" is a theme that must be tackled in order to live a prosperous and prosperous life, and also for medical professionals who are responsible for services. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the mechanism called "online medical examination" has been highlighted in various media. Sure, there's more "online practice" than before, but on the other hand, transformations that create new customer experiences and change treatment behavior aren't angry yet. Through the creation of this new customer experience, we will work to greatly update medical care in Japan and around the world.


San Francisco, CA

We will solve various corporate and social issues with world-class "technical capabilities" such as AI development and DX promotion. With world-class technology and proposal capabilities that exceed expectations.
We provide system development and DX support services centered on AI / data analysis.
AI (artificial intelligence) discovers posture and muscle distortion,
A system that can instantly give advice on posture measurement analysis results and how to improve distortion
Developed in-house.
Today, the world is evolving with next-generation new technologies such as AI, IoT, and DX.
However, while technology grows, our lives have changed to less busy ones.
Many people may find it difficult to manage their daily health and life.
Stiff shoulders and back pain caused by facing digital tools
Many stresses in a miserable life
Everyone has such a problem.
Stiff shoulders and back pain caused by facing digital tools
Many stresses in everyday life
We solve them with "DX + Health = Health Tech".
AI, DX, deep learning, data mining, data science, mathematical optimization, agent simulation, reinforcement learning, quantum computer, BERT, AutoML

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