Our Mission

I just want passion
In a passionate organization, passionate people knock on the door.
From Silicon Valley maxim
Fracta has hired a lot of people so far. Among them, there are those who perform surprisingly overwhelmingly. What do they have in common? I think twice.
Silicon Valley maxims include:
A-level people want to work with A-level people. B-level people tend to hire C-level people.
Good people like to work with good people, and those who don't want to hire people who are inferior to them. Hiring someone inferior to you may be because it's easy to handle, or your position isn't jeopardized. But that doesn't make the organization interesting, and it doesn't make it an attractive company.
Co-founder Lars, current CFO Yasuka, first CTO Ryu, current engineer team leader Minoda, COO Tom, CEO Tahara, and everyone, much more than me. There is a part that excels. Somehow get someone better than you to come in and work with them. That's what's exciting.

Our Story

Many cutting-edge projects such as AI, autonomous driving, VR, drones, etc. Actively accept orders for advanced projects such as AI, autonomous driving, VR, IoT, drones>
■ Idol video content utilizing VR
■ Surveillance app using drone
■ Autonomous driving system such as in-vehicle ECU and image recognition
■ Home karaoke app system jointly developed with a TV station
■ iOS / Android compatible smartphone apps, etc.

[Other project examples]
・ Creating a website for entertainment production
・ Projects related to VR and big data
・ Design and development of financial and securities systems
・ Proposal support for data provision systems for space public works projects
・ Development of SNS sites for online games
・ Support for corporate OA environmental security measures
・ System infrastructure construction for manufacturing industry
・ Artificial intelligence system development, etc.
■ Internet service industry
■ Contract development
■ Business contract business
Abundant PJT in the field of advanced technology]
We are expanding our business in advanced technology areas such as AI, IoT, and cloud computing. Side business OK

<"Multiple work" is possible>
We allow multiple jobs for the purpose of acquiring new perspectives and forming personal connections. Notated as "double job" instead of "side job" so that you can seriously work for self-growth. Of course, it is possible to have multiple jobs outside of our company, but there is also an "in-house double job" in which some of our work is outsourced.

<Full support for acquiring qualifications! >
・ Qualification incentive / Approximately 150 qualifications will be paid when acquired (up to 600,000 yen)
・ Business-related qualification allowance / monthly payment to stipulated qualification holders (no upper limit)
Worker dispatch business permit number group 13-306309
Personnel introduction: Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare permission number 13-Yu-300400
Engineer dispatch business (Sect 13-301421) In the fields of IT / information systems, mechatronics / electronics, and bio-chemistry
Engineer dispatch business, development contract, and paid employment agency business
Educational environment aiming to be a first-class engineer
We carry out training to improve the three abilities of "technical ability," "management ability," and "consulting ability."

<Technical training>
・ CCNA / CCNP / LPIC (Lv1, Lv2, Lv3)
・ Software development (JAVA / PHP / .net / C # / iOS / Android)
・ Scrum Master Basics & Organizational Patterns
・ Security training (understanding and reproduction of attack methods)
・ Big data (statistical analysis / Python)
・ Cloud training (OpenStack / AWS / Azure)

<Management consulting training>
Project Management
Personnel appraisal training
Team building
logical thinking
Finance / accounting training
Problem-solving training

We will open up a prosperous future by developing and providing cutting-edge science and technology products with high quality and unique technology by creating and supporting bases in the United Kingdom, Canada, the US, Germany, Japan, and China. We support research and demonstration experiments that utilize cutting-edge technologies such as AI (application of face recognition and deep learning), plan services and products in new technology areas, and demonstrate concept models. Industry-academia-government collaboration "Connecting cutting-edge technology and business"
Research and research in the field of advanced technology System consulting solution service Product solution
We support companies that do their best to overcome the corona disaster!

Experienced Leadership