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Here's who I am & what I do


ERP Consulting, Cloud Technology, Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence Expert

35 years of work experience

Mobile 090-8747-9395

E-mail yuhong268@gmail.com




Yu HongHong, born in 1970, graduated from Harvard UniversityPhD, currently head of CTO of NTTDATA ,and currently head of CEO of HOC Intelligent Technology, Yu HongHong CEO/GuoLong born in 1995, graduated from Cambridge UniversityPhD ,currently head of CTO of HOC Intelligent Technology .Head of Artificial Intelligence, a scholar of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Full member of JSAI Artificial Intelligence, a member of IEEE, a member of SIGIR, a member of CAAI China Artificial Intelligence Association, AAA1 International AI He is a member of the Intelligence Association, a member of the British Artificial Intelligence China, a member of the British Artificial Intelligence Association ACM, and his main research areas are ERP consulting, cloud technology, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence experts, computer vision, multimedia technology, and machine learning. Etc.


She is a machine learning professor at Tsinghua University. Fusion with technology megatrends, cutting-edge analytical technology, government / local government, education / medical / healthcare, finance, manufacturing, logistics, communications / broadcasting, construction / real estate, electricity / gas / water, networking, pharmaceuticals Used in agriculture, retail, manufacturing, transport, sports, aerospace, advertising, IOT, ICT and other industries. Visiting professor at Harvard Business School, visiting professor at Computer Science at Tsinghua University, visiting professor at the University of Tokyo, visiting professor at the University of Tokyo, visiting professor at Osaka University, visiting professor at Kyoto University, China Science and Technology Association, Jiangsu Province Ziang Province Government Sponsored Contest Category A Wins First Prize Big Health Industry: Biomedical, Medical Devices, Smart Healthcare, Health Care, etc. Receives Category A Highest Awards. ERP blockchain cloud technology big data artificial intelligence related fields (not limited to speech processing fields including various fields of artificial intelligence) won the highest prize in patent product competition, Ali, Tencent, Huawei and other contracts And reached numerous contracts. AI x 5G face brushing has become the mainstream payment method, WYSIWYG, short video AI animation x 5G, AR VR and 3D, intelligent driving, finance, 5G telemedicine 5G AI medicine, intelligent driving intelligent business intelligent medical public security 5G Robot 5G materials, semiconductors, sports, entertainment and other technologies are our mainstream technologies, separation and purification, innovative pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chip design, quantum dot display, multi-touch, nano-microspheres, low-carbon nanomaterials The world's key technologies for intelligent driving, smart manufacturing, robotics, and smart medical. Face and body analysis technology, SLAM and 3D vision, general and professional image recognition, robot control and sensing, large-scale video understanding and mining, image and video processing to enhance medical image analysis, artificial intelligence computing Platform, AI supercomputing platform, self-developed training framework, AI high performance storage By combining high-performance heterogeneous computing software and hardware, high-performance, Design and develop low cost, low power edge artificial intelligence chips and solutions to open up partners. For intelligent driving and AIoT, edge-to-edge AI chips can be provided with ultra-cost performance, extreme power efficiency, open tool chains, rich algorithm model samples, and comprehensive activation services. Now, the BPU (Brain Processing Unit) based on the innovative artificial intelligence-specific computing architecture is being streamed successfully. China's first edge artificial intelligence processor-a system focused on intelligent driving and a system focused on AIoT. And it has been commercialized on a large scale. Member of the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, the Science Agency of the United Kingdom, and the Technical Committee of the House of Science, the UK House of Representatives (Science and Technology Committee) British Council Open Data Institute (ODI) Alan Turing Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Cambridge University, University of Edinburgh, Oxford University, London University, including EPSRC Association of Warwick University