As a network-type research institute that conducts world-class research and development, we will lead future co-creation innovation. Science and Technology Research and Development Corporation UK, Canada, US, Germany, Japan, China We will create and support our bases together to develop and provide cutting-edge science and technology products with high quality and unique technology, and open up a prosperous future. increase. We support research and demonstration experiments that utilize cutting-edge technologies such as AI (application of face recognition and deep learning), plan services and products in new technology areas, and demonstrate concept models. Industry-academia-government collaboration "Connecting cutting-edge technology and business" Research and research in the field of cutting-edge technology System consulting solution service Product solution We support companies that do their best to overcome the corona disaster! New medical technology developed in an integrated project centered on six modalities (pharmaceuticals, medical devices / healthcare, regeneration / cell / gene therapy, genome / data infrastructure, disease basic research, seeds development / research infrastructure), etc. Is effectively deployed for various diseases. In addition, there are six research and development related to the disease fields (cancer, lifestyle-related diseases, psychiatric / neurological diseases, geriatrics / dementia, intractable diseases, growth, infectious diseases, etc.) that will be social issues in Japan now and in the future. It is promoted across integrated projects under the executive control of the integrated project program director (PD) and disease area coordinator (DC). Research Organization of Information and Systems Informatics Research Institute is the only academic research institute in Japan whose mission is to create future value in the new academic field of informatics. Aiming for basic research from a long-term perspective and solving social issues in a wide range of research fields, from basic theory in informatics to cutting-edge themes such as artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and information security. We are promoting practical research.

In addition, as an inter-university research institute, we will work on the construction and operation of the academic information infrastructure that is indispensable for research and educational activities of the entire academic community, including the academic information network (SINET5), as well as the provision of academic content and service platforms. We are developing and developing. Furthermore, by mutually feeding back the knowledge obtained through the business and the knowledge obtained from the academic research, we are conducting academic research that responds to actual issues and businesses that utilize cutting-edge technology.

Through these activities, we strive to develop human resources and contribute to society and internationally, and we also focus on cooperation and cooperation with private companies and various social activities as well as universities and research institutes in Japan and overseas. In addition, we are also engaged in graduate school education aimed at promoting original and international academic research and developing leading academic fields.

In order to support a wide range of academic fields such as informatics, we have established four research systems, "Informatics Principle Research System", "Architecture Science Research System", "Content Science Research System", and "Information Society Correlation Research System", and apply them from the basics. We are doing unique research.

Informatics Principles Research System

In addition to pursuing new principles and theories of informatics such as algorithms and computational complexity theory, artificial intelligence, robotics, and quantum computing, we are conducting research with the aim of developing new technologies and developing new fields that will support future society. I am.

field of study

Algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, big data analysis, data mining, mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, computational science, web informatics, neuroscience, quantum information, and new principles and theories related to these boundary regions, etc. Advanced research that creates possibilities for new applications

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Architecture Science Research System

We aim to improve the performance, quality, and functionality of computers and networks, which are the basic elements of information technology, from the establishment of innovative technologies in software and hardware architecture to the implementation of practical systems.

field of study

Research and development on post-Internet, cyber security foundation, software / hardware architecture, distributed / cloud computing, programming language, system performance / log analysis platform, dependable system, Internet of Things (IoT), network / cloud visualization

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Content science research system

Research on content such as symbol media and pattern media and analysis / generation of media, research on basic technology for accumulating / searching / organizing content, research on interaction and social media analysis focusing on humans and knowledge. And so on.

field of study

Research and development on the development of natural language processing, computer vision, image processing, acoustic information processing, computer graphics, databases, human interaction, web mining, social media, community analysis, media cloning / recognition, machine learning / deep learning applications, etc.

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Information Society Correlation Research System

Interdisciplinary information / system technology and human science / social science for making rational decisions based on scientifically-based data in a cyber-physical fusion society in which the information world and the real world are integrated and linked. I am doing a lot of research.

field of study

Privacy Information protection and utilization, next-generation anonymization, data governance, next-generation IR infrastructure theory, data policy theory, data utilization human resource development theory, digital humanities, IT healthcare, data reliability evaluation, cloud sourcing, digital education , Research and development on open innovation infrastructure, and research on humanities and social sciences related to these topics

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Professional Info

AI, IoT, RPA, OCR-AI, ERP, cloud, bigdata, blockchain, ICT, 5G, 3D, AR, VR, iCLIP, core industrial software, smart chips, smart driving, core algorithms, neutrinos, quantum artificial intelligence And other top cutting-edge technologies. For government/local government, education/medical/healthcare, finance, manufacturing, logistics, communications/broadcasting, construction/real estate, electricity/gas/water, network, pharmaceutical, agriculture, retail, manufacturing, transportation, sports, space Aviation, advertising, IOT, ICT and other industries. AI journalist sports intelligent driving AI accounting lawyer AI surgical robot AI consultation Misdiagnosis no ai robot funeral VR AR 3D AI crime tracking AI image recognition

Work Experience

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We develop hardware and software using the latest technology, conduct demonstration experiments, and research, develop, operate, and sell prototype products. We have been working on high quality and original technology development. In order to provide safe, secure and convenient products, we have obtained many patents related to  cutting-edge technology and development such as AIoT 5G blockchain Quantum computing XR, AR, VR, DX etc. cutting-edge technology research and development and aerospace robot environment / energy health care new material only one technology (competition) Aiming to acquire powerful and excellent technology and know-how, research and development that can be expected for the development of industry in Osaka Prefecture) AI / IoT / big data automatic operation / drone New energy industry (battery-related) Batteries (storage batteries, hydrogen / fuel cells) Etc.) and battery materials / components, etc. We will continue to develop and evolve as an “ICT company”.