We are Yoga, a kind-to-skin and environmentally yoga wear company.

Utilizing the technology and know-how that has been built up at Cambridge University, MIT University oxford University, Harvard University, The University of Tokyo, Osaka University, etc., we have been working on high-quality and original technology development. In order to provide safe and convenient products, we have obtained many patents related to DX cutting-edge technology and development such as AIoT 5G blockchain quantum computing XR, AR, VR, etc., and will continue to be an "ICT company" ICT area (main areas: Fintech, communication [ AR / VR], security, media content, Bigdata, cloud, IoT / drone, marketing / advertising, medical / healthcare, robotics, power / battery, AI, Enterprise, education New energy industry (battery-related) battery (storage battery, hydrogen)・ We will continue to develop and evolve as (fuel cells, etc.) and battery materials / components, etc.). By field (environment / energy, life science, system / information science and technology, nanotechnology / materials), hardware / software development using cutting-edge technology, demonstration experiments, research and development / operation / sales of prototype products, by field ( Environment / Energy, Life Sciences, Systems / Information Science and Technology, Nanotechnology / Materials) State-of-the-art (Gijutsu) Research (Kenkyu) Development (Kaihatsu) 

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