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It is one of the world's leading ICT solution providers and covers communications, which accounts for one-third of the global market. We attach great importance to local management that respects the local culture and values, and even at our base in Japan, we have multinational employees and are actively on business trips overseas. Mainly 2-axis core business, contributing to the industry with advanced technology in 5G for "telecommunications carriers" and next-generation communication speeding up, large capacity, and virtualization, as well as "consumer" terminals and routers, etc. , We are producing many products in the world that general users often pick up. In particular, the number of handset shipments has expanded to the level of competing for the world's top class. It is evaluated based on ability and achievements regardless of age or company history. In addition, there are many senior engineers who continue to be active even after retirement age, and it is an environment where you can learn a lot from the excellent senior engineers who have built the network era. Management and technology are different. In the company's communication technology, peripheral products and new research and development, the driving force derived from China, the delicate user's perspective derived from Japan, and the rational viewpoint unique to Europe and the United States are fused, and the purpose is clear.
Product development is being carried out. Introspection is being promoted in all businesses, and it is possible to continue working while constantly receiving new stimuli. Although the company is attracting attention in the news globally, there is no major upset at the development site, and we are concentrating on the development that should be done.
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