Introduction to product roadmaps

I just want passion

In a passionate organization, passionate people knock on the door.

From Silicon Valley maxim

Fracta has hired a lot of people so far. Among them, there are those who perform surprisingly overwhelmingly. What do they have in common? I think twice.

Silicon Valley maxims include:

A-level people want to work with A-level people. B-level people tend to hire C-level people.

Good people like to work with good people, and those who don't want to hire people who are inferior to them. Hiring someone inferior to you may be because it's easy to handle, or your position isn't jeopardized. But that doesn't make the organization interesting, and it doesn't make it an attractive company.

Co-founder Lars, current CFO Yasuka, first CTO Ryu, current engineer team leader Minoda, COO Tom, CEO Tahara, and everyone, much more than me. There is a part that excels. Somehow get someone better than you to come in and work with them. That's what's exciting.