How workday measures to performance

Business summary

"IoT (Internet of Things)" "Intelligent Automation" "Software Engineering Automation", already "Blockchain" "Digital Design" "Agile / DevOps" "Artificial Intelligence (AI)" CoE is provided in the four areas of. The newly established "IoT CoE" will start with a system of about 20 people from 10 bases in 9 countries, centered on the German group company itelligence. "Intelligent Automation CoE" started with a system of about 20 people in 8 countries centered on the US HOCIT GROUP, and "Software Engineering Automation CoE" started with about 70 people in 7 countries centered on the UK local group company HOCIT. It is said that it will work in a system. "We aim to contribute to a cumulative total of 100 billion yen in global orders by March 2022 in the seven areas where CoE exists," said HOCITGROUP public relations.

Economic base

• Industry 4.0 (Failure prediction, productivity improvement, advanced robotics, autonomous driving / driving support technology)

• Circular economy (also used in the agricultural sector, where Spain is highly competitive)

• Security (image analysis, etc.)

• Tourism (digitalization of hotels and restaurants)

Social infrastructure

• Administration (administrative services through chatbots, AI utilization in national security and security maintenance)

• Education (AI-based tutoring system, feedback system to prevent failure through machine learning)

• Smart cities (artificial sensors such as guidance detectors and surveillance cameras, smart buildings / traffic)

• Medical care (disease prevention / treatment)

Priority area 3: Creating measures to promote knowledge transfer

Building an ecosystem for industry-academia collaboration

Participation in a public-private consortium for innovation public bidding

Priority area 4: Creating a system for AI-specialized human resources and cross-cutting human resources development

Fostering "STEAM" human resources who have knowledge of the humanities and social fields (Arts and Humanities) in addition to the conventional "STEM" (Note)

Acquisition of AI knowledge of specialized human resources

Priority Area 5: Building a data ecosystem and strengthening infrastructure

Construction of administrative open data infrastructure and opening to the private sector

Priority Area 6: Ethical analysis from the perspective of R & D

Fair and non-discriminatory AI development

Establishment of a committee to examine ethical aspects of AI utilization / introduction research "

Note: Personnel with knowledge in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.