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• AI & IoT5G blockchain IT consulting related to quantum computing, ERP (SAP, salesforce, orcale, etc.) introduction construction and development RPA (WinActor UiPath Automation Anyware Blue Prism Fujitsu RPA) introduction construction and development, AWS, GCP, Azure, etc. cloud Introduction construction and development, EC (shopify, alibabaEC), etc. Introduction construction and development / planning / analysis / construction / design / development / support Comprehensive consulting for new introduction / reconstruction Planning design / production, website, printed matter, CI, System planning / design / development / construction SIer and manufacturers provide resident development support. In-house product development Proposal and development of business applications Construction and development of software using multimedia software and general-purpose machines Network construction / server setting, operation management work, system engineering sales support, etc. SIer, resident development support by manufacturers, in-house Product development,
State-of-the-art efforts in the medical / health / nursing field, joint research with NTT, DX initiatives in the medical / nursing field such as telemedicine and utilization of 5G, joint with Sekisui House Co., Ltd.
Research With "Terumo Corporation", a medical device manufacturer that works on the development of new products through joint research with venture companies, etc., with the keyword "collaboration between different industries" in the healthcare business, which works to create new value such as emergency response services when at home. Joint research
• Japan and foreign trade, human resources development industry;
 International logistics and import / export business agency, EC (alibaba, taobao, tianmao) International logistics and import / export business agency
 Human resources development business, translation business, interpreting business;
 Partnership with Oxford University, Cambridge University, Harvard University, MIT University, etc. AI & IoT Research, AI & IoT Education EC Education,
AI, EC human resource development, academic meetings, academic lectures, seminars, etc., qualification acquisition support system, and technical study sessions using the actual machine environment (Cisco, AI, AWS). Currently, eight study sessions are held every month, and employees participate in popular meetings. It is an environment where you can improve your skills depending on your efforts.
 Partnership with alibaba Group EC education, EC construction, introduction and development, information exchange and cooperation with related organizations, etc.
 AI solution consulting, EC solution consulting, EC utilization promotion AI utilization promotion
 Exchange / cooperation between Japan and foreign countries and globalization support
Osaka Headquarters Management Headquarters
4-9-35 Shuntoku-cho, Higashi-Osaka-shi, Osaka 577-0831
TEL 090-8747-9395 06-67538862
5 minutes walk from Kintetsu Fuse Station in Osaka City
(Monday-Friday 10: 00-18: 00 * Excluding holidays and year-end and New Year holidays)
Osaka branch office
3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011
Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Capital Tower C 7th floor
Close to Nagoya branch office Nagoya station
Tokyo Branch HOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Tokyo Branch 03-6404-8082. 3-20-5 Minami-Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0013 SU Omori Building 4F Keikyu Line Omorikaigan Station 2 minutes walk JR Omori Station North Exit 8 minutes walk 

For our company, whose products are attracting worldwide attention, we are helping to develop products with cutting-edge technology.
We have good transactions as a core partner with Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi Solutions, Ltd., Hitachi Systems, Ltd., Hitachi Group companies, NTT, NTT DATA, and System Information Co., Ltd. We plan and promote new businesses related to advanced technologies such as AI, fintech, and next-generation batteries. In the age of 5G and seeds such as data science, AI, IoT, and video technology, we will collaborate with domestic and overseas content providers and NTT to develop and promote new collaborative businesses in order to provide new experiences utilizing communication services. We will plan and promote new businesses related to advanced technologies such as AI, FinTech, and next-generation batteries. We develop and operate businesses that combine the services of domestic and overseas businesses in various fields such as video, music, and commerce with our communication services. IT consulting business (business consulting and profession industry: business consulting, profession field: telework promotion, work style reform, personnel (HRTech), business reform, etc. Web service development, software development field industry: PM / SE, programmer, UX designer , Web designer field: Software / system development, education business such as website production, R & D field Industry: ICT technology field instructor, mentor, researcher field: ICT fusion human resources development, technical lab (R & D)

Health work in the fields of AI, brain wave analysis, healthcare, etc. AI analysis of brain image data creates new value in preventive medicine! Image processing related to AI research using a large amount of medical image data
Developed AI diagnostic assistance system at medical device venture
Business related to foot and health Sales of 3D foot type automatic measuring machine, business utilizing foot type data Sales of 3D foot type automatic measuring machine Propose new products to sales destinations of 3D foot type automatic measuring machine
Work to develop AI apps that prevent medical collapse with personalized self-care
We developed and announced our own smart watch, which is the most familiar and easy-to-wear IoT, before Apple Watch, and continued to exhibit at Baselworld, the highest peak of watches in Switzerland. The company was established in Silicon Valley in 2018, and in 2019, the latest model with the theme of sustainability, which was praised by WWD in the United States, was launched in North America ...
Natural language processing that promotes research and development of next-generation educational models with AI
AI financing model research and development utilizing deep learning and reinforcement learning
Solve agricultural issues with AI and robots! Creating the future of Japan 

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