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As a network-type science and technology research and development corporation that conducts world-class research and development, we will lead future co-creation innovation. We will open up a prosperous future by developing and providing cutting-edge science and technology products with high quality and unique technology by creating and supporting bases in the United Kingdom, Canada, the US, Germany, Japan, and China. Utilizing the technology and know-how that has been built up at Cambridge University, MIT University oxford University, Harvard University, The University of Tokyo, Osaka University, etc., we have been working on high-quality and original technology development. In order to provide safe and convenient products, we have obtained many patents related to DX cutting-edge technology and development such as AIoT 5G blockchain quantum computing XR, AR, VR, etc., and will continue to be an "ICT company" ICT area (main areas: Fintech, communication [ AR / VR], security, media content, Bigdata, cloud, IoT / drone, marketing / advertising, medical / healthcare, robotics, power / battery, AI, Enterprise, education New energy industry (battery-related) battery (storage battery, hydrogen)・ We will continue to develop and evolve as (fuel cells, etc.) and battery materials / components, etc.). Research and Development Corporation by field (environment / energy, life science, system / information science and technology, nanotechnology / materials) Hardware / software development using cutting-edge technology, demonstration experiments, research / development / operation / sales of prototype products, By research field (environment / energy, life science, system / information science and technology, nanotechnology / materials) Cutting-edge technology Research and development 5 research fields (cluster) "Future society / future technology (social implementation of Society 5.0)" " Next-generation food and planting, "environment, energy, regeneration," "health, longevity, development," "creation of knowledge.


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